Best Small RC Helicopter Review

Best Small RC Helicopter Review 2020

Flying an RC helicopter is undoubtedly one of the most exciting and fun hobbies that you can have. And it is quite normal to be fascinated by the biggest and meanest helicopters that can make gravity defying stunts with perfect aerodynamics.

However, it takes a lot of patience, skill and technique to master those moves. Not to forget that some of the higher end helicopters can be pretty expensive. If you are new to flying helicopters and are looking to join the bandwagon, then you need a small RC helicopter that is easier to control and fly, like the Haktoys HAK321.

The Haktoys HAK321 coastguard helicopter as it is normally called, is a compact sized entry-level helicopter that is perfect for beginners and children. It has the most barebones features and is specially designed for beginner use.

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Haktoys HAK321

Beginners and children will take an instant liking to the stylishly designed HAK321 with its coastguard inspired color scheme. The white and red combo along with the LED lights give it a very eye-pleasing profile.

At 8.0 inches length, this is a micro RC helicopter. It is also incredibly light weight which makes it easier to handle. The body is made of durable and flexible plastic that is able to bend if the copter crashes into a wall. The elastic blades and flybar will not break or warp easily giving you the much needed peace of mind while flying it. It has a coaxial rotor and single rear rotor.

The package does include one spare tail blade and two spare connect buckles, which are usually the parts that can get damaged during unintended crashes. If you do end up damaging any other part, you’d be glad to know that replacement parts are easily available online.

With a full charge time of just 30 minutes, which give you up to 8 minutes of flight time, your HAK321 will spend more time in the air than other similar priced models which take at least 60-90 minutes for a full charge.

The HAK321 is an infrared helicopter with a limited 50 feet flight range which makes it an ideal choice for indoor use. If you take it outdoors in the sunlight, then it may result in interference and poor connectivity.

Also, it is not designed to sustain even mild windy conditions. So, it will most probably careen into the nearest wall or fence. Stay indoors and enjoy flying it.

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best micro rc helicopter review Haktoys HAK321 Mini 3.5 Channel RC Helicopter

To call flying the HAK321 easy, would be an understatement. It is ridiculously simple to fly. The throttle is very responsive and it takes to the air in seconds. The built-in gyroscope keeps it steady like a rock when it hovers. The trim buttons on the transmitter can be used if it is spinning or veering off in one direction. But it comes preset from the factory and does not require any trimming to fly it steadily.

One of the best features of the HAK321 is a demo function. This is a great tool for newbies to understand how the helicopter flies. At the press of a button, it begins to fly by itself and lands shortly. While it does nothing to improve your control or flying skills, it is a very useful function, especially for children.

A few crashes will be inevitable when you learn how to fly it. But the 360 degree precise directional movement will ensure that you can control the helicopter easily with just a few tries.

This is a 3.5 channel helicopter, which allows you to make the six basic movements. Nothing fancy. But it works just fine if you are learning the ropes.

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Our Favorite Features!

There are a lot of features that make the HAK321 the best small helicopter. Here are some of them:

  • Compact size helicopter
  • Stylish coastguard inspired design
  • 30 minute charge time with 8 minutes of flight time
  • 5 channels for 6 basic movements
  • Easy to control
  • Built in gyroscope for stability
  • Bright LED lights
  • Demo Button for automatic flying
  • Flexible plastic for crash resistance
  • Spare tail in the package

Should you Buy the HAK321?

If you are looking to introduce your child to RC helicopters and prefer him flying indoors until he gets a hang of things, the HAK321 is the best small helicopter that you can buy. It can sustain crashes and flies easily without overwhelming the child with the controls.

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