Best Outdoor RC Helicopter Review WLtoys Large V912 4CH Single Blade RC Remote Control Helicopter With Gyro RTF

Best Outdoor RC Helicopter Review 2020

It would be fair to say that with every new outdoor RC helicopter model that is launched in the market, the line between ‘hobby grade’ and ‘toy’ is thinning. A testimony to this is the new WLtoys V912, which looks and performs as good as some of the higher priced hobby grade ones.

If you hear the typical, ‘This ain’t a hobby grade craft’ sermon while flying this, tell them to take a hike. Because the V912 is a large 250 sized copter that will grab some eyeballs as it soars into the air. The meaty exteriors is backed up with durable components and a neat set of features, which should put it right on top of your wish list.

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WLtoys V912                           

For first timers who have never explored beyond the mid-sized co-axials, the WLtoys V912 can come across as a shocker. You will be awed at the dimensions of this bird and stunned with the quality. It is made of durable plastic and sports a superb paint job with bright colors and graphics. If you own the V922 from WLtoys, then a side by side comparison reveals how it gets dwarfed by the V912.

This is a 4 channel helicopter which gives you the basic movements only. So, you can go up and down, strafe from side to side, move forward and backward and lastly, make turns in both directions.

It boasts of a large sized 2S LiPo battery and a powerful motor for the two rotors. The battery takes approximately an hour to reach full charge and gives you about 8 minutes of flight time which is the standard for RC outdoor helicopters in this range.

The 45 degree offset crossbars provide stability in the air while the motor which is positioned to the front of the main shaft helps to maintain a balanced rotational mass. The blades on the V912 spin like a real helicopter unlike lower end toy models which have a single propeller.

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Connectivity and responsiveness are excellent and the 2.4GHz Channel ensures that you can take the bird up to 100 meters without any lag or dip in performance.

One of the main differences that you will notice is the size of the tail blade. It is huge in comparison with some of the smaller outdoor helicopters.

The transmitter features an LCD display and one of the best features is that you can switch the modes which alters the functions of the two joysticks with the switch of a button. So, if you prefer the throttle on the right, use mode 1 and if you prefer it on the left, switch to mode 2.    

Unlike typical toy helicopters, the V912 has a slightly different pairing method. You need to power the helicopter on before switching on the transmitter remote. Once both of these are switched on, it will pair automatically.

The V912 takes flight in a jiffy as you up the throttle and builds up sufficient amount of speed in very little time. The oversized fly bar and the extra mass gives it the much desired stability as it hovers. Despite the large size, the V912 is able to make deft maneuvers. Advanced RC enthusiasts can consider making a servo hack in the transmitter which improves the responsiveness.

The high rates can then tackle even a mildly windy day with ease while the low rates can be used for a low circuit indoor flight.

If you have upgraded from a smaller sized helicopter then the heaviness and power of this bird will amaze you. Try making a complete U-turn and you can feel the blades cutting through the wind, which is more hobby-grade level than toy level.

Despite the excellent control and the stability, you should be careful while flying this around because the the metallic fly blades and the landing skids can inflict some damage if you run it into things inside a room. It has an excellent range, so take it outdoors for some uninhibited fun and sharp movements.

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Our Favorite Features!

This is a great 4 channel helicopter that is meatier and more powerful than anything else we have ever flown in this range of helis. Here’s what we liked about it.

  • Large 250 sized helicopter
  • 4 channels
  • 4 GHz radio for excellent connectivity
  • Durable plastic canopy that can sustain crashes
  • Large metallic crossbar for stability
  • LCD display with twin joysticks
  • Large sized tail blade
  • Metallic landing skids

Should you Buy the WLToys V912?

The V912 is a worthy upgrade for anyone looking for a meatier option in the FB FP helicopter range. It gets you some hands on practice on a heavier craft that can take mild wind and throws some serious power on the throttle. Highly recommended!

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