Best Military RC Helicopter Review - Syma Chinook S34

Best Military RC Helicopter Review 2020

There is something inherently cool about military copters that makes you want to add them to your collection. That’s irrespective of how good or bad they are to fly and control. Merely seeing a military chopper take flight is one of the coolest sights in the RC world.

If you have owned one of these, then you’d know that Syma are the pioneers in this range. They have some of the best miniature representations of military helicopters. Along with the UH-60 Blackhawk, which happens to be a personal favorite, the Syma Chinook S34 is a fanastic military RC helicopter

The S34 is a 3-channel helicopter that is a near perfect replica of the Boeing CH-47 Chinook. The attention to detail is excellent and you can even add this to your 1/18 scale model collection when you are not flying it. But it is not mere eye candy. The Syma S34 Chinook is very versatile and can be flown equally well indoors as well as outdoors.

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Syma Chinook S34 

The Chinook is the latest addition to the S range of RC helicopters from Syma. All the models in this range are known for their stability. The S34 is no different. To top it off, it boasts of a bevy of new additions which give it a commanding presence in the air.

The airframe is what grabs your attention out of the box. It looks exactly like the military copter with its perfect camouflage green and the tandem rotor, the wings and the fly bars on the front and the rear.

This helicopter is 18 inches from the tip of the rotor to the rotor, which is sufficiently large and is a step up from the common coaxial helicopters. At the same time, the Syma S34 is surprisingly lightweight.

Due to the design, the S34 does not have landing skids. Instead, there are a set of wheels which are designed for easy and crash-free landing. Having said that, the occasional crash is not going to break this down easily. The frame is very durable and rugged. In the rare event of a crash, the Syma S34 can easily be dismantled and Syma is popular for their easily available spares.

Beginners will love it because it comes ready-to-fly out of the box. All that you need to do is load the batteries and the S34 will be ready to take to the air.

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The S34 is a 3 channel helicopter. So, apart from the normal movements, it also lets you rotate the helicopter in both directions. Everything from the lifts, to the hover and the directional movements are extremely stable, making this a great choice for beginners.

The built-in gyroscope will control the yaw and you will very rarely find the S34 spinning out of control. Even if you do find the helicopter chassis rotating, you can adjust the trim very easily on the transmitter during the flight.

And when you want to just let it hover, you can set the controls right and take your hands off the controller. This is a neat addition to the list of controls for the Syma S34.

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The S34 is powered by a 7.4v 500mah Lithium Polymer battery which gives it 6-8 minutes of flight time. The battery takes almost 60 minutes to get charged, which is the standard in this class.

The S34 uses 2.4GHz to connect to the radio transmitter which results in lag and interruption-free performance. The inbuilt spread spectrum technology increases the range of the chopper which allows you to take it outdoor for an extended flight.

If you are clubbing this with other RC helicopters, there is minimal interference and the S34 flies perfectly.

One of the best features of the Syma S34 is the radio transmitter with the LCD screen which makes controlling the helicopter ridiculously simple. The screen displays the remaining battery, the signal strength and the trim. Also, it is extremely easy to adjust the sensitivity of the throttle rate. Beginners can begin with a very low rate of sensitivity that makes the chopper less responsive.

Our Favorite Features

  • Perfect replica of the military Boeing CH-47
  • Great styling and lightweight frame
  • 3 channel coaxial helicopter with 6 movements
  • Ready to fly
  • Gyro stabilizer
  • 7.4v 500mah Lithium Polymer battery
  • Easy to control and fly
  • Perfect for outdoor flying

The Verdict

The Syma S34 is a great both for beginners looking to learn the ropes, as well as for collectors looking to add a stable military RC helicopter to their collection. It also comes at a very attractive price tag for its size and features.

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