Best Indoor RC Helicopter Review

Best Indoor RC Helicopter Review 2020

RC helicopters need not always be about overwhelming technicalities like the drift, the trim and the gyroscopes. Whatever happened to the fun element? Thankfully, HAK Toys USA is one of the few manufacturers who regularly come up with indoor RC helicopters that are fun to fly and great to learn the basics.

The Haktoys HAK622 18.5″ is one of the best indoor helicopters who would like to get a grasp on shafting, making turns and making maneuvers around objects.  While it is primarily made for indoor flying, it can be flown outdoors on a mildly windy day.

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Haktoys HAK622 18.5″ 3.5 Channel

The HAK622 is 18 inches long with a height of 7.2 inches that is more suited for indoor use and will not bump into things as frequently as some of the larger crafts. It sports a very stylish design and is available in two color schemes.

The body is all-plastic but it does not scratch or dent easily. It may lack the heaviness and the added stability of an all-metal craft. But if you are a beginner, handling heavier helicopters out of the box may not be easy at all.

It comes ready-to-fly out of the box. All you need to do is pair it with the radio transmitter. The transmitter uses 3.5 Channels which allows users to make the basic movements. You cannot bank to the sides with the HAK622.

best indoor helicopter review Haktoys HAK622 18.5" 3.5 Channel RC Helicopter,
best rc helicopter indoor review
best indoor rc helicopter reviews
Best Indoor RC Helicopter Review

The HAK622 features three bright LED lights that look brilliant as the helicopter takes to the air. It does burn the battery faster than normal though. So, if you are looking to extend the flight time, then you can switch it off.

It takes almost 90 minutes for a full charge and gives you approximately 9 minutes of flight time. The 150 feet range may tempt you to take it for a spin outdoors. But ensure that there is minimal wind. Even the slightest strong draft will send it off course and increases the chances of a crash landing.

A large indoor auditorium or a basketball court is the ideal place to test it out.

You can also buy spare batteries from HAK Toys to extend the flight time and make back to back flights. However, it is recommended that you let the helicopter cool for a while between flights.

The package includes two spare main blades that will ensure that you don’t need to worry about crashes as you learn the ropes of flying.

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Most indoor helicopters lack the power to lift off the ground straight away as you throttle it. But the HAK 622 will pop a surprise as it rises to the air instantly. It is not the most stable helicopter we have reviewed. But at the price point, it is immensely stable. It hovers like a bee and can make most movements effortlessly.

Being a 3.5 channel, it can make only 6 types of movements which is forward, backward, up, down, left and right. It cannot strafe or make advanced movements like loops.

If you find that the helicopter spins out of control, you may need to adjust the trim slightly. But it comes preset from the factory and in normal circumstances, you should not have a problem.

There is a slight delay in the response time which is ideal for beginner helicopters because an over-responsive helicopter usually demands expert flying hands.

What We Liked in the HAK 622

The HAK 622 is a perfect indoor helicopter. It is lightweight, reasonably sized and offers enough power to keep them interested. It is not overwhelming or difficult to handle.

  • Stylishly designed all-plastic body
  • Rugged and crash-resistant
  • Does not bend or break easily
  • Ready to fly out of the box
  • 5 channel
  • Bright LED lights
  • Built in gyroscope provides added stability
  • Coaxial and single rear rotor

Should You Buy the HAK 622?

Absolutely. If you want to gift an indoor helicopter to any young enthusiast, then there is no better choice. It is rugged, stylish, easy to fly and affordable. Even if they end up crashing it beyond repair (extremely remote chances), it is still better than blowing $100 on an expensive helicopter.

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