Best Flying Toy Helicopter Review

Best Flying Toy Helicopter Review 2020

Once you hone your skills with a beginner RC helicopter, you quickly get bored of the stable maneuvers and will be raring to do advanced moves like somersaults and flips. But those moves are impossible to achieve with a coaxial toy helicopter.

You need something advanced that offers more firepower, better control and enhanced aerodynamics. That’s precisely what you get with the Hero RC H911.

The Hero RC H911 is a best in-class 4-channel helicopter that lets you take your flying skills to the next level. It features an insanely cool graphical body-frame that looks mean and will be the eye candy in your collection.

Top it off with the ability to fly indoors and outdoors, you have a winner on your hands that doesn’t disappoint one bit.

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Hero RC H911 2.4GHZ iRocket

The Hero RC H911 enhances the excitement of zipping around obstacles, with a superb graphical cockpit design that resembles a mean Great White Shark. Drawing inspiration from the P-40 war hawk planes of the Great World War, the bright red and white teeth provide excellent visibility against the muted gray body color.

The frame is constructed from durable and light weight carbon that sustains even high speed crashes without severe dents or scratches. Additionally, it has a shock-absorbing landing skid that softens the impact of a sudden bumpy landing.

What separates the Hero RC H911 from other helicopters in this price range is its size. It is not a tiny child’s toy that will zip around unnoticed. It commands attention with its large 10 inch girth and will grab eyeballs everywhere.

best flying helicopter toy Hero RC H911 2.4GHZ iRocket 4 Channel Fixed Pitch Ready to Fly Helicopter w/ bonus Battery, Balance Bar, Main Blade, Connect Buckle, Tail Blade, USB Charger
best remote control helicopter toy review
best toy helicopter review

The RC H911 boasts of a 2.4 GHz transmitter with an LCD display that makes it so much easier to trim in the air. Along with the trimming, it also displays vital statistics like the battery life, signal strengths, the throttle and more.

The package includes everything you need to get in the air in minutes (including the batteries) and also an essential bundle of spares that will be lifesavers in the event of a major crash.

  • Hero RC H911
  • 1 LCD transmitter
  • A USB charging cable
  • A Lipo battery charger
  • 2 lipo batteries
  • 1 spare balance bar
  • 2 spare main rotor blades
  • 2 spare connect buckles
  • 1 spare tail rotor blade

Like a professional hobby-grade helicopter, the Hero RC H911 pairs with the transmitter in seconds without requiring any change in the settings. It soars quickly and is incredibly stable. Almost instantly, you can feel the difference in controlling a single tilting rotor that can give you wings and the ability to go lateral. The orientation remains steady even when you zip from side to side.

To ensure that you do not fly straight into a high speed crash, the H911 has a crossbar stabilizer which makes it possible to make nimble maneuvers without flipping out of control. But this also limits the ability of the H911 to do more advanced moves, like loops which demands an electronic gyroscope.

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Once you get a hang of the moves and the maneuvers, you can activate the secondary flight mode or, the experienced flyer mode, which will double the speed making the flight a lot more challenging, but exciting nevertheless. The H911 is super-responsive in the secondary flight mode and you will have to spend some time perfecting the maneuvers and turns.

You are no longer limited to flying indoors and you can breathe some fresh air with the H911. Even on a mildly windy day, it does not veer off the track and displays remarkable stability for a mid-level hobby helicopter.

Favorite Features of the H911   

The Hero RC H911 is a more advanced helicopter that introduces the beginner to side by side strafing, a technique that is considered like a rite of passage into serious turf. But that’s not the only highlights of the neatly designed warbird.

  • Aesthetic design inspired by the famous P-40 fighter planes
  • 4 channel operation for strafing side to side
  • Single tilting rotor and crossbar for stable and deft movements
  • Incredible responsiveness thanks to the 2.4 GHz transmitter
  • LCD display
  • Complete package that includes spares and the batteries
  • Indoor and outdoor operation
  • Superb pricing

The Hero RC 911 is an introduction to the more advanced controls in RC helis. It has a dual mode operation that lets you get a hang of things before you go full throttle. The side to side strafing clubbed with the high speed makes it a great buy for beginners looking to up their game or for seasoned flyers looking for some excitement, without blowing a hole in their wallets.

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