Best Remote Control Helicopter with Camera Review

Best RC Helicopter with a Camera Review 2020

What is better than an RC helicopter? It’s an RC helicopter with a camera. Think about the possibilities. You can use it for making cool videos for Instagram or use it to check for leaks on your roof or get some bragging rights in the online forum. While there is no dearth of applications for flying cameras, they cost and arm and a leg.

Even the most basic drone can make you poorer by a couple of hundred dollars. If you are cash strapped and looking for a cheaper option, then check out the Haktoys HAK635C.

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Haktoys HAK635C

The Haktoys HAK635C is a budget priced 3.5 channel helicopter that can be used for indoor and outdoor flights. The in-built camera can be extremely useful for a variety of chores around the house. This alone, makes it more useful than an average toy.

It comes ready-to-fly and does not require any assembly. All you need to do is put the batteries (6 x 1.5V AA) in the remote and pair it with the helicopter.

You will instantly take a liking for the all-black fuselage with a hint of red on the canopy that grabs attention. It looks sleek and sexy. Also, it is 17” in length and 3” wide, which is medium sized. So even if you have never handled larger helicopters, you should be able to maneuver the Haktoys HAK635C with ease.

The body is lightweight aluminum alloy with elastic blades and a fly bar that makes it crash-resistant, unlike all-plastic models that are known to conk off after a crash or two. If your first flight does not go as planned and ends up on a wall, chances are that you can just pick it up off the floor and let it soar again.

There is a bright LED light in place of the headlight that looks absolutely cool while flying the Haktoys HAK635C at night. Switch on the camera to make a found footage horror film.

best toy helicopter with camera review
best rc helicopter camera review
Haktoys HAK635C 2.4GHz 17" Video & Photo Camera 3.5CH Helicopter review

The helicopter needs to be charged for at least 2 hours and can provide you up to 10 minutes of flight time which is the best in-class at this price point. The 2.4GHz frequency allows you to fly it for up to 300 feet outside the house in mild windy conditions. There is no lag or interruption in the transmission.

You can click pictures and take videos during the flight and even adjust the camera on-the-fly. It has a 360 degree radius which pretty much gives you a wide angle view. The data will be stored on a MicroSD card which is included in the package along with a card reader. This allows you to transfer the data to a computer instantly without the hassles of a USB cable.

Despite being mid-level priced, the Haktoys HAK635C will surprise you with its responsiveness and stability in flight. It takes to the air as soon as you push the throttle up, which is always a good feeling while flying copters.

In the air, the 3.5 channels allow you to make 6 types of movements, forward, back, up, down, clockwise, and anti-clockwise. It features an intelligent R/C system which provides impeccable directional movement. You will not find the helicopter drifting away to the side on its own.

The built-in gyroscope keeps it rock steady in the air and during hovers. If you hate the dreaded ‘rotational spin’ as much as I do, then you will love the gyro in the Haktoys HAK635C.

The fast speed mode will really test your controlling and maneuvering skills though. So, tread carefully when you activate this.

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Our Favorite Features!

This is not your average RC Helicopter. It has the added functionality of a camera, the benefits of which go beyond making funny videos.

  • Stylish all-black design with a large 17” body
  • Lightweight aluminum alloy
  • Elastic blades and flybar for stability
  • Bright LED headlight
  • 10 minutes of flight time
  • 4Ghz radio transmitter
  • 360 degree radius camera that lets you click pictures in flight
  • MicroSD card
  • Gyroscope
  • 5 Channels

Should you Buy the Haktoys HAK635C?

The Haktoys HAK635C brings the best of both worlds to the table. It is an RC helicopter and a drone camera in one. And there is no compromise in the quality of either, which is exceptional at this price point. Grab this one. You won’t regret it.

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