Best RC Helicopters for Beginners

Best RC Helicopter for Beginners Review 2020

There are a few things that make an RC helicopter ideal for use by beginners. For starters, it has to be durable because crashes will be inevitable. Second, it has to be easy to control. This does not mean that you need something that flies off at the press of a button. But anything that stays stable and does not spin too much unnecessarily, is a good match.

The AMOSTING RC Helicopter covers all the bases that one looks for in a beginner helicopter. This is one of the most durable helicopters at this price point. It is almost invincible. The manufacturer’s claim that you can run a car over it and it would still not break. We didn’t try that out. But we certainly did run it into a wall, a tree and crashed it on the ground nosediving from at least 7 feet at full speed.

Guess what? Not even a warped wing. The Amosting RC helicopter took to the air again in minutes. That set the tone for our test.

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AMOSTING Crash Resistant 3.5 Channel Helicopter

The Amosting Helicopter looks similar to any other micro coaxial helicopter with a fly bar. But when you take it out of the box and hold it in your hands, you can feel that this has a tough frame. It is 10 inches in length. So, it is not the smallest coaxial helicopter that we have seen. The size is good enough to take it outdoors for a spin as well.

The frame is minimalist and has an attractive color with sporty graphics. For those who like to take their copters out in the night, it has LED lights which look really cool.

The blades and the fly bar are made of a flexible material which further enhances its durability against crashes.

Best RC Helicopters for Beginners
AMOSTING RC Helicopter Crash Resistant 3.5 Channel Review
Best RC Helicopters for Beginners
Best Remote Control Airplane for Beginners

The Amosting helicopter is a 3.5 channel helicopter. So, apart from the basic up and down movement, you can also move forward and back and make turns. Controls are easy and responsive. It flies instantly when you move the throttle up and the gyro stabilizer kicks in when you make turns.

Unlike most beginner helicopters, the Amosting does not spin out of control unless you really go hard at the controllers.

When tested outdoors, it performs surprisingly well even on a mildly windy day. It did lose direction once but when we activated the Hi-speed mode, we were able to control it and land it in seconds.

This helicopter gives you up to 8 minutes of flight time on a single charge, which takes 30-50 minutes.

As expected, the wireless radio controller has a barebones design. But that takes nothing away from the performance. In fact, it helps beginners get used to the most fundamental techniques and controls, rather than just overwhelming them with loads of options that they cannot use.

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Our Favorite Features

  • Rugged plastic frame designed to sustain crashes
  • 10 inches in length
  • Minimalist but stylish frame and colors
  • 3.5 channel with six directional movements
  • Easy to control
  • Gyro stabilizer for stability
  • 50 feet outdoor range

The Verdict

You have to be very realistic while buying the easiest helicopter to fly. If you expect it to fly a mile above the ground and hover at a perfect angle from the word go, you need to be looking at hobby grade and not a beginner helicopter. And even that is going to take you months to master.

The Amosting Helicopter is extremely durable. Further, it is extremely stable. There are people who have never flown an RC helicopter before and were able to control this in their second or third attempt. That speaks miles about the ease of use.

All in all, with such a low price tag, this can be the perfect helicopter for anyone looking to learn the ropes of flying.

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