best remote control helicopter for adults review

Best RC Helicopter for Adults Review 2020

Even if you are a complete noob at flying RC helicopters, there’s always the temptation to go professional and handle some of those meaner, bigger machines that’s considered off-limits for noobs. On the other hand, if you have already have some flying time behind you with a co-axial helicopter and feel limited with its functions, then it’s time to consider an upgrade to a professional helicopter.

With a larger form factor than conventional toy helicopters and an aircraft grade aluminum frame that can take a crash or two in its stride, the MJX F645 is one of the best for adults. It can accommodate an inexperienced flyer who needs a learning curve to handle the enhanced responsiveness. For the seasoned flyer, it offers an opportunity to experience the stability that the MEMS Gyro system gives to a heli even in crosswind.

MJX is considered to be one of the most affordable brands that does not compromise on quality or aerodynamics. The F645 stays true to the brand and performs flawlessly, despite its low price tag.

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MJX F645

The F645 is available in two very stylish color schemes and features attractive graphics on the canopy and the tail. It is 27.9 inches in length and about 7.9 inches tall giving it a mean and professional grade appearance. The frame, despite being extremely durable, is surprisingly light weight and assists in an easy lift off during full throttle.

A built-in protection circuit prevents the delicate electronics from getting fried in the event of a crash. The J645 also has a landing skid that can absorb the impact of a sudden landing.

Powering this beast are two cue driven motors for both, the main and the tail rotors. For better control in windy outdoor conditions, the MJX F645 features an MEMS gyro system that improves stability and provides excellent yaw control.

The 2.4 GHz radio connectivity makes it responsive and true to maneuvers. This also extends the range of the remote to 100 yards which is excellent for a helicopter at this price range.

The transmitter includes an LCD panel that displays details about the trim, remaining battery and signal status. This prevents you from flying the helicopter beyond the range and crashing it into a fence or a tree.

If you are upgrading from a coaxial helicopter, then this will surprise you with its deft maneuvers. Apart from strafing left and right, you can also pitch the helicopter forward and back and rotate it, both clockwise and counter clockwise.

The large 7.4V 1500mah battery system provides up to 8 minutes of uninterrupted flight time on full charge.

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Flying the MJX J645

Connecting the helicopter and the transmitter is very simple. All you need to do is power up the transmitter and move the throttle stick up and then down to see the flashing light, which indicates that it’s ready to pair. On the helicopter, there is no power switch. So you will have to plug in the battery to power it on.

To improve the responsiveness, you can increase or decrease the ‘Aile’ setting on the transmitter screen. It comes preset at 90% from the factory. But you can increase it to 100 or reduce it to 85 as per your needs. Similarly, you can also alter the settings for Rudder, Throttle and Elevation.

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Apart from being incredibly stable, the MJX J645 is a large single blade helicopter that allows you to get outdoors and feel the crosswind while handling it. The superior yaw control ensures that your first flight experience doesn’t end up with a broken wing or tail. And even if it does, the package includes a couple of spares that will keep you covered.

  • 4 channel that makes it possible to do all kinds of movements
  • MEMS gyro system for better yaw control and stability during windy conditions
  • Large 27.9 inch aluminum frame chassis which gives it a commanding appearance
  • Superb graphical cockpit design
  • 1500mah battery for quick recharge and up to 8 minutes of flight time
  • 100 meter range
  • 4GHz radio transmitter with LCD display for uninterrupted and lag free connectivity
  • Fixed pitch helicopter allows movements and maneuvers in all directions
  • If you end up crashing the flying helicopter toy for adults, then you can easily find the replacement parts online. You won’t have to scourge around for hours, which is a huge relief if you are still learning.

Should you Buy the MJX F645?

Make no mistake. The MJX F645 is not like toy helicopters that will just skittle around for a while in the air. It is a powerful hobby-grade helicopter that will take some getting used to. Having said that, it is a great upgrade and also a perfect first buy for hobbyists of all skill levels. Some robust features and great quality construction make it a versatile choice.

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