Joe From Venus Rocketry

Hi, I’m Joe

My name is Joe and I have been considered an RC Helicopter hobbiest for the past decade or so. Now, you’re probably wondering, why RC Helicopters of all things?

Well, it’s simple! They’re awesome!!!! But also, when I was a kid, I loved playing with remote control helicopters with my Dad.

Whenever we had a free Saturday morning, we’d go down to the local park and fly our RC helipcopters.

It was really one of the most memorable experiences of my childhood.

We used to call ourselves members of the Venus Rocketry squad.

I made this site to honor the good times that I used to have with my Dad. I also hope that some fellow fathers and hobbiests out there stumble across this site and find it helpful.

Hopefully more people can recreate the great experiences that I used to have, and continue to have, with RC Helicopters!

I really hope you all like what you read. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions!


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