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Venus Rocketry is here to provide you with great information on all things RC Helicopter! Whether you’re looking for helpful articles, general advice, or reviews on the best RC Helicopters, we have you covered!

Now, if you’re new to using an RC Helicopter – don’t worry! We have a wonderful selection of articles that can really show you how you can successfully fly your RC Helicopter! The learning curve is really, really easy!

Even if you’re a bit more experienced, there’s always something that you can learn!

I’ve been an RC Helicopter hobbiest for well over three decades. It all started when my Dad and I would go down to our local park every Saturday morning and fly RC Helicopters. It was an absolutely amazing experience!

Once you go through some of our articles on how to use an RC Helicopter, we did the extensive legwork for you in order to find the absolute best RC Helicopters that you can buy!

It was a grueling, albeit fun, process for me to review all of these, but after hearing so many positive things from my readers, it was all worth it.

Did you know that 7,409 people found my reviews helpful last month? That’s such an insanely absurd number, I still can’t wrap my head around it!

Anyways, I hope that I can help you get started with using an RC Helicopter. Let the fun begin!!!

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7,409 people use this site each and every month to find their ideal RC Helicopter! These are the best of the best. Here’s the top 5 best RC Helicopters!

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