Did RC Helicopters Kill Off Old Toy Helicopter Technologies?

When it comes to toy technology in general, it is very easy to think that all of this proceeds in one direction only. It is very tempting to think that just because there are current trends which are truly popular and commercially successful, it necessarily follows that the older trends or outdated technologies simply did not have it; that they utterly got killed off. It is very easy to fall into this strap when thinking about RC helicopters. As you probably already know, old remote-controlled toy and model devices were powered by gas. They were very clunky. A lot of the controls did not do a good job.

It is easy to think that we are living in some sort of golden age because not only are RC units faster, easier to control and have a wider range; however, they are also cheaper. Thanks to the miracles of modern manufacturing technology, with a huge globalized supply chain, you can get stuff that was designed in Europe, manufactured in China from parts made in the United States to come up with the very best product.

For the longest time, a lot of people have simply resigned themselves to the thinking that you can only select two of the three most important criteria any product brings to the table. These criteria, of course, are fast, cheap and good. According to the old thinking, we are basically stuck with having to pick only two. You can pick something that is fast and good, but you can bet that it is not going to be cheap. Similarly, you can pick something that is inexpensive and good, but you probably are going to wait a long time for that product or service.

This was the old thinking but thanks to global manufacturing technology and a globalized supply chain, there is such a thing as cheap, fast and good. Make no mistake about it, a lot of the RC helicopters on the market definitely fit the bill. You do not have to burn a hole through your pocket to get the very best product.

In fact, if you pay attention to the pricing trends, it seems that the price of high-quality highly controllable RC helicopters with an amazing range keeps dropping. In light of all these trends, it is very easy to think that this technology simply killed off old technology. Unfortunately, just like with everything else in life that looks so simple from the outside, things are more complicated than they appear. You only barely need to scratch beneath the surface to see that there is quite a bit of complication that explains our current situation.

There is No Necessary Forward Progress

One thing that you need to wrap your mind around is that when it comes to any kind of technology, there is really no such thing as a one-directional or necessary forward progress. While it is tempting to think about things this way, you have to remember that one key decision or one change in plans can completely change the direction of technology.

In fact, there is quite a bit of politics involved in how technology shapes up. You only need to look at the history of electricity generation in the United States to see how this works. Did you know that if it were not for certain vested interests and very influential individuals with lots of political connections that modern electricity might be wireless? Think about that for a second. How different would your life be if the electricity powering your house and by extension, powering your life was processed wirelessly. It would be amazing, right?

Well, believe it or not, Nikola Tesla had this technology. This was the direction of electrical technology until one famous inventor named Thomas Edison got in the way. Apparently, a lot of people were going to lose a lot of money if Tesla had his way. Subsequently, they pulled all sorts of shenanigans, and pretty much Tesla’s technology was dead in the water.

I bring up this historical example to highlight the fact that just because RC helicopters and all other kinds of technologies from all industries and sectors seem so awesome; now, it is merely an illusion. There is always an alternative out there. In fact, in the case of electrical generation, the alternative might actually turn out to be faster, better and cheaper. Can you imagine that? So, the next time you are flying your RC helicopters out there in the open, think about the possibilities.

Always remember that technology is kind of like a branching tree. It keeps branching in many different directions, and simply because it looks like it is going forward, it does not necessarily mean that is the only direction available given a particular set of circumstances, that technology might mutate and evolve towards another direction. Just food for thought, the next time you play around with your amazing best RC helicopter reviews.

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