RC Helicopter Safety Tips & Considerations

RC Helicopter Safety Tips & Considerations

All around the world RC helicopters are seen as an incredible way to get active in the community, enjoy the great outdoors, and do so in a way that is incredibly thrilling and will give the operator a great deal of excitement in their lives. It’s no mistake that RC helicopters have this world renowned reputation. The fact is that RC helicopters are an incredible way to experience the thrill of life, and with technology improving at an exponential rate the fact is that it has never been easier to own or operate an RC helicopter.

The good news is that things to the ease of operating in owning an RC helicopter the community has been growing at an incredible rate. Or in more people are appreciating the power of RC helicopters and are using their time and money to get in on this incredible opportunity provided by RC helicopters.

The wonderful thing is that the community of RC helicopter operators is incredibly welcoming and have gone out of their way to ingratiate this new generation of pilots into their most prized hobby. That is excellent news for newcomers because it means that they have a wealth of knowledge that they can access to become the best RC helicopter pilots that they can be. For veterans it is also incredibly good news because it means that there hobby is likely to not only survive, but thrive with each new passing generation picking up the torch word has been left off.

With all this growth, however, it is not all good news. With anything, there is always the good and the bad and the explosion witnessed in the RC helicopter community is no exception.

The fact is that not all individuals that are new to the RC community are taking advantage of the fact that they have a whole large group of experienced RC helicopter pilots that can offer advice as well as ideas on how they should be conducting themselves as a member of the RC community.

The result is that some individuals are operating their RC helicopters in ways that are irresponsible, unsustainable, and in some extreme cases even put the lives of themselves and others and unnecessary danger, which is an especially large problem with large RC helicopters. Large RC helicopters have an important role in the RC community, but they should not be taken lightly.

To be clear, newcomers to RC helicopters should in no way shape or form be dissuaded from becoming a member of this wonderful community. On the contrary, newcomer should be welcomed with open arms, and encouraged to operate within the confines of what is considered respectful and responsible.

In the spirit of inclusion we have compiled a few quick safety tips and ideas about operating your RC helicopter responsibly that should help newcomers navigate the world of RC helicopters in a way that they will be proud of.

Safety Tips

The first safety consideration that everybody should make before operating their RC helicopter is their skill level. This can be easier said than done because often times individuals are not entirely honest with themselves or others about what they are capable of as RC helicopter pilots. The fact remains that RC helicopter pilots, whether new to the hobby or experienced, should always understand their limits and conduct themselves well within those limits.

For example, a newcomer to the world of RC helicopters should not engage in RC helicopter races that will put their equipment, the equipment of others, or even the safety of spectators in unnecessary risk.

All races are undeniably a great deal of fun, the reality of the situation is that there is a great deal to be lost by performing in a race that you were not qualified to perform in. Put in the work, learn to operate your RC helicopter with precision, and when you are ready you can take part in all the RC helicopter races that your heart desires.

Once you have taken an honest assessment of your abilities, you can begin to consider other environmental factors that might influence the safety of your conduct. If you were operating your helicopter outdoors is essential that you take stock of exactly where you were operating and the associated risks with doing so.

There are a few things that you absolutely want to avoid at all costs. The first is that you need to be sure to avoid powerlines for obvious reasons. If you are not careful, your RC helicopter can get tied up and powerlines, which is not only incredibly dangerous but is likely to lend you in a whole heap of trouble. Don’t take the chance, avoid powerlines at all cost, and only operate your RC helicopter and spaces that are ready to accommodate your needs as an RC helicopter enthusiast.

Power lines are not the only environmental considerations that you have to make before picking a final place to operate your RC helicopter. There is a whole wide variety of environmental factors that an individual must first consider before picking you find a place to operate their RC helicopter. One of the major considerations is probably the most obvious: people.

If there are a ton of people in a given park it might make the space in eligible for RC flight right off the bat. You don’t want to operate your RC helicopter in a space that could be considered unsafe, or even disruptive to the activities that are currently happening in a given park.

try to find parts with wide-open spaces that it is not to densely populated. Furthermore, what you can do is seek out spaces that are filled with individuals during peak times, but may be less so during all hours. Try operating your RC helicopter in the early morning. Not only will the parts be less crowded, but it will also act as an incredible way to appreciate the great outdoors and enjoy the fresh morning air.

The final consideration has to do with sound. Often times RC helicopters, especially the larger sized ones, can make a great deal of noise. It is an almost unavoidable fact of RC helicopters, and for some tea satisfying sound of an operating RC helicopter is part of the fun. With that being said, it is not part of the fun for everybody. Be sure to not operate your RC helicopter in a way that would be disruptive to others around you. Avoid operating it late at night, or in areas that are particularly strict about noise pollution.

Lastly, be sure to pick the right RC helicopter so you’re not assuming any unnecessary risk or responsibility.

Final Thoughts

Just those few considerations will go a long way in helping you along with your RC helicopter career. Be sure to abide by all the safety laws and understand the risks associated with the irresponsible RC helicopter behavior. Most of all, remember that you’re out there to have fun and that responsible flight will in no way shape or form prevent you from doing just that. Check out our best remote control helicopter reviews and get started today.

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