Why RC Helicopter Flying Is One of the Best Hobbies to Get Into

An RC helicopter is a toy that both children and adults love to fly. Although categorized as toys, some RC helicopters are very demanding and aren’t deemed suitable for children, at least not without some sort of adult supervision.

There is a constant debate surrounding Best RC helicopter flying. Some parents deem it too dangerous, while there are those who believe that having it as a hobby is helpful for kids in many ways.

There are many perks to it that most parents don’t realize and having RC helicopter flying as a hobby can help many kids, and even adults, pick up various life skills.

Reasons to Get into RC Helicopter Flying

Here are some reasons that’ll show that RC helicopter flying is a great hobby to get into.

It’s extremely fun

The first and most obvious reason to get an RC helicopter is that flying it is extremely fun. There’s a sense of thrill and adventure that you get as you steer and control your RC helicopter and watch it gain height and speed, dodge obstacles, and perform stunts.

It’s adventurous

Many people find modern life to be sedentary and are looking for ways to be active. The most alluring aspect of RC helicopters is that they’re best enjoyed outdoors. You can fly one in your backyard or take the bird out to a park and have an adventure.

It’s also perfect for family-oriented adventures, and you can take your RC helicopter out on trips and picnics and fly your favorite toy on farms and sandy beaches. Beyond that, the adventure of having an RC helicopter lies in building it and repairing it all by yourself.

Trips to the local hobby shop and grand adventures of trekking into the woods are all fun and adventurous ways that you can explore with your RC helicopter. You can check out the best and latest RC helicopters.

It’s great for competition

The potential for competition is an exciting aspect of having an RC helicopter. Many people find their competition in video games, but RC helicopter flying provides opportunities to compete in healthier and exhilarating environments.

It’s one of the most prevalent types of competition and most communities now have a local RC flying club that organizes events at the local hobby shops. For more enthusiastic hobbyists, there are high-profile regional competitions as well that have big-name sponsors, entry fees, and prize pools.

It helps in socializing

RC helicopters can be a great way to socialize and make friends who share the same interests as you. Many communities have RC clubs and gatherings at the local hobby store.

You can also socialize online as there are various forums and online communities where RC enthusiasts socialize, share their experiences and ideas, and help each other out. Meeting fellow RC helicopter enthusiasts and building long-term friendships is just one of the benefits of this hobby.

It helps in evolving as a modeler

RC helicopter model kits come in three levels of difficulty: Type 1, 2 and 2. Type 3 is the most difficult and ideal only for experienced and long-time modelers. It hones your modeling skills and helps you build unique RC vehicles that other people would spend a lot of money to purchase.

Most RC model kits come with all the necessary parts, batteries, servos and electronic speed controls, but for advanced modelers, an even more challenging task is to purchase an RC helicopter plan and build the entire helicopter piece by piece.

It’s a great creative outlet

RC helicopters built after purchase serve as great creative outlets because you get the opportunity to make design choices and infuse your own personality. It can be a very personal piece of art, and you get to maintain, repair, and improve the vehicle as you gain experience.

Enhances your interest

Many of us dream of flying a plane or helicopter, especially when we are kids. Getting your kids RC helicopter will enhance their interest in flying and maybe, later on, they can act on this interest and become pilots.

For some, flying a plane is no more than just a pipe dream, so flying an RC helicopter or plane is the next best thing that you can have to satiate your interest.

Teaches Mechanical Skills

Assembling, maintaining, and repairing your RC helicopter helps you pick up and hone your mechanical skills. In fact, schools can also use RC helicopters and other RC toys for the demonstration of various principles of physics.

Teaches Electronics Skills

Similarly, RC helicopters can help your kids pick up some basic electronic skills. Even in prebuilt RC helicopters, kids must learn to attach, detach, charge and discharge the NiMH batteries. Hobbyists also have to learn the basics of speed controllers and the working of transmitters and receivers.

Learning to fix and replace the electronic components is a life skill that is going to benefit them in the long term.

Improves Hand-Eye Coordination

While many people associate video games with increasing a person’s hand-eye coordination, RC helicopters are way more effective at this. Piloting an RC helicopter has real-world consequences as a mistake may end up crashing your helicopter.

Another reason is that when piloting RC helicopters, users have to rely on real world navigation instead of the artificial configuration of a game.

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