Does it Make Sense to Put Stickers on RC Helicopters?

Do you remember the first time you put stickers on anything? Chances are you were probably 2-3 years old. Chances are, you probably went through a drive thru at some sort of fast food joint and they gave free stickers.

It’s easy to see why kids get all excited about stickers because they allow kids to express their creativity and put their personal stamp on their environment. By their environment, I am of course talking about the walls of your home. Sure, doing this might drag your parents crazy and mess up your home’s beautiful walls, but it is a declaration of independence.

When kids alter their environment, they are basically telling themselves, as well as the rest of the universe, that they are independent, that they are their own person, that they have their own capacity to make decisions and make changes in their daily waking world. In other words, it’s an assertion of power and it’s a very important part of any kid’s healthy development.

Now, it’s interesting to note that this drive actually never leaves you. When you look at your life and what you’ve done and the kind of life you have now, I will bet you that it involves all sorts of decisions that you made based on what you think is right. This is part of being a person. This is part of being a responsible adult human being.

Now, of course, some decisions are better than others because these decisions are based on facts and there’s a high likelihood that they would produce the outcome that you desired. Still, all of us constantly have that power of choice and this is really what you celebrate when you put stickers on anything you own.

Whether you own a collection of books or you have a laptop or a tablet, when you put a sticker on anything, you’re basically expressing your personality. You’re putting your personal stamp on that item. You’re telling the rest of the universe that you are your own person, you have your own identity, and you have the capability to leave a mark.

Embrace this inner need. Make a mark. In fact, throughout our lives, we actually have metaphorical stickers that we use. They don’t take the actual physical form of a sticker, but they basically do the same job.

For example, when we pick our spouse, that is a form of sticker because we really select based on what makes sense to us. When we pick our jobs or careers, again, this is all part of you exercising your autonomy as an independent and free thinking person.

Now, given all of this, does it make sense to put stickers on best RC helicopters? It all depends on what your objectives are and what parameters you’re working with. First of all, be clear about your objectives. Are you just trying to show off? If you are, that’s perfectly fine, but how are you showing off? Are you trying to enhance the look of your RC helicopters? Or are you just trying to say to people, hey, look at me. These are two totally different things.

When you enhance the look of something, you can actually add value to your RC helicopters. On the other hand, when you’re just trying to attract attention, it may lead to all sorts of risks and safety issues, especially if the stickers get in the way of the safety features of these remote controlled vehicles.

Pay Attention to the Design of Your RC Helicopters

It’s really important, when making any kind of sticker decision or enhancement or accessorization choices, to always look at what you have to work with. This is very important because your RC helicopters‘ design pretty much sets the parameters as to what you can get away with. Seriously.

Pay attention to its color. Pay attention to its initial design. Pay attention to its initial set of accessories. These sets limits as to what would make sense as far as accessorization and stickers and augmentation are concerned. If you completely ignore this, then it’s not uncommon for your RC helicopter to look really tacky.

Now, if you’re the type of person who doesn’t really care, then that’s fine. But if you want people to actually be impressed by what you’re doing, then you need to be a little bit more careful as to what kind of design opportunities are possible for you. Just because you think it looks good, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it actually looks appealing.

You have to pay attention to the design components that you have and do a little bit of research. Look at how other people have accessorized their equipment. Look at how they have used stickers in the past. Build on what works, learn from other people’s mistakes. This way, your decision to augment or enhance the appearance of your RC helicopters, not only proclaim to the world a certain aspect of your personality, but they go a long way in impressing other people.

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