The Main Drawbacks of Electric RC Helicopters

Are not electric RC helicopters awesome? Are not rechargeable units amazing? If convenience, speed and high levels of control are very important to you, then you really cannot go wrong with these types of RC helicopters. It almost seems that there are no other options. It practically seems that it would be foolish to pick another type of RC helicopter. Well, not so fast.

You have to understand that whenever you are dealing with anything that involves technology, there are always other options. As you probably already know, engineer and designers as well as inventors are very good at coming up with alternatives. There is no such thing as point A necessarily having to go to point B. there many other points in between. You can go forward; you can go backward; and you can go sideways. This is how inventors think. This is how technology leaders operate.

In the case of electric RC helicopters, as awesome as they may seem on the surface, they actually also have drawbacks, and it is these drawbacks that led to the creation of alternatives. The alternatives would always be there. We are talking of course about gas-powered RC helicopters and other RC vehicles. So, what is the big deal behind electricity? What is there to worry about? What are the shortcomings that we should be aware of?

Well, the main drawbacks of electric best RC helicopter reviews involve range. You can only go so far with an electric motor. Eventually, it is going to run out of juice. It definitely is bound by the charge capacity of its batteries. This may seem like a pretty simple problem to solve. You might be thinking, “Well, just come up with a bigger battery or come up with a better battery that would last a longer time.”

Well, as you probably already know, longer charging batteries that have a very small footprint tend to cost a lot of money. That is the bottom line. There is a reason why you seem to be stuck at a certain charge capacity or charge life for your smart phones, tablets or other mobile devices. The technology, while it is rapidly improving and changing, is still a long ways away from where you would like it to be.

Ideally speaking, you only should have to charge your tablet or mobile phone once a week, and you are good to go for the rest of the week. I know that sounds crazy. I know that is the kind of stuff of fantasies, but that is where the technology is headed; however, we are still a long way from that. Nevertheless, can you imagine being able just to plug once for a couple of hours, and then you are good for the rest of the week. Imagine all the time you can save. Imagine the convenience. Imagine the comfort.

Well, unfortunately, that is a lot of imagining, and we are still stuck where we are and that is the reality of electric-powered RC helicopters. The batteries that power them can only go so far. This means that your range is limited. This also means that you can only play around with them for so long. It likewise means that they can just rise so high or use up so much energy until you have to recharge them again.

The Problem of Size

If you think a battery charge life is a headache, wait until you wrap your mind around the impact of size on this issue. It is easy to “solve” this problem by simply opting for a large battery. Of course, larger battery has longer life and gives you more power. What is not to love, right?

Well, the problem here is you can only slap on a certain size of battery on your RC helicopters. You have an upward limit. There is some sort of battery size ceiling. So, you are kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place.

On the one hand, you need high-powered batteries and this, of course, means bigger and bigger footprints. On the other hand, you only have so much space to play with because the RC helicopter is going to have a tough time getting off and moving around if the battery is too big. Do you see the problem here? These are the main drawbacks of electric RC helicopters. As awesome as they may be, keep in mind that they are operating with some serious drawbacks.

The good news is that due to the huge popularity of mobile phones and devices, there is a tremendous amount of money and time being invested in taking battery technology to the next level. I would be surprised if within the following 10 years, there is not some amazing breakthrough in battery technology. This can definitely blow the doors open on what you can do with your RC helicopters.

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