Learning the Ins and Outs of RC Helicopters

Learning the Ins and Outs of RC Helicopters

If you ask veteran RC helicopter pilots they will tell you that there is no more thrilling experience in the world then getting outside and flying at your RC helicopter. There is something incredibly liberating about the feeling of control and the sense of wonder that one derives from soaring to new great heights, or else mastering so moved that they have been working to master for some time.

There’s a reason that RC helicopters are so popular, and growing more popular each and every year. It does not only have to do with the quick advancement of technology, but also the fact that RC helicopters are gaining momentum in terms of word-of-mouth. More and more people are telling their family friends, and loved ones about this incredible hobby, and now it is spreading like wildfire.

One thing that is not talked about as much as the thrills of RC helicopters, however, is the fact that there is something of a learning curve when you first delve into the hobby. It is estimated that a huge number of RC helicopters are destroyed each year on their first flight thanks in large part to the fact that beginner pilots are taking to the skies without any real preparation or guidance. For instance, many will neglect basic maintenance. While you don’t need to be a mechanic to operate RC helicopters, you do need to take some basic steps to practice RC flight responsibly.

Like most things in life, RC helicopters require a little bit of finesse, and it is not something that can be jumped into lightly. On the contrary, responsible RC helicopter ownership requires a little bit of care, a little bit of preparation, and a degree of responsibility. Whether you have received your RC helicopter as a gift or purchased it yourself, you will understand the value of keeping it in safe working condition, and also operating it in a responsible manner.

Here to help you be the best RC pilot that you could possibly be, we’ve compiled a list of quick tips and general guide for flying your RC helicopter.

Getting Started

Before you do anything else it is essential that you decide exactly what it is that you’re looking to get out of your RC experience. Are you looking for something that you can fly indoors? Or else, are you hoping to take to the skies with an RC helicopter that you can operate outside with confidence?

Both indoor and outdoor RC helicopters have their advantage, but no matter what you choose it is essential that you consider one important fact: you are a beginner and you should buy the RC helicopter that best suits your needs.

There are many RC helicopters out there that are incredible to both look at and operate. They have impressive features that would dazzle even the most casual observer, and I can be tempting to jump right into this high-level of RC helicopters. The reality is that these high-end RC helicopters are not only harder to operate, but also require a large initial investment. The result is that the helicopters not only harder to pilot, but there is also greater risk when operating your RC helicopter that you will lose a large chunk of money. Don’t put yourself in a position where you will turn yourself off RC helicopters before you ever truly begin.

Instead, purchase an RC helicopter design for beginners that will allow you to learn in a responsible manner that won’t put you, or your wallet at risk.

Learning the Ropes

Now that you found the perfect RC helicopter for your needs, it is time to actually get about to practicing. It can be tempting to immediately take to the sky’s and start performing death-defying stunts, but the reality is that will do far more harm than good. Instead, it is essential that you do two things before anything else.

The first is probably the most essential step one first learning how to operate an RC helicopter. Whether you are learning to fly an indoor RC helicopter or an outdoor RC helicopter, it is he sensual that you find the perfect placed to do so.

You are looking for an open space that does not have a ton of obstacles that will put either you or your RC helicopter at unnecessary risk. If you are in door be sure that there are not expensive objects sitting around the room that you will be practicing in. Nothing will ruin an RC experience quicker than smashing it into some beloved household item.

If you are operating your RC helicopter outdoors then it is essential that you keep it away from things like powerlines and other objects that could be potentially catastrophic for both you and anybody in your immediate vicinity.

Once you found the perfect place to go operate your RC helicopter then you can actually begin to test your hand at operating your RC helicopter. Depending on the complexity of your RC helicopter this may take more or less time.

Hopefully, you have found yourself a beginner RC helicopter that will not challenge you too much. The first thing that you will want to do is master the art of hovering your RC helicopter. To start, begin by lifting your RC helicopter up off the ground only a few feet. Once your RC helicopter is in the air, all you want to do is simply maintain its height before returning to the ground in a controlled manner. Do not rush the step!

It may be tempting to immediately start other more challenging things once you have successfully hovered your helicopter once or twice, but it is essential that you take proper care and precaution so that you fully understand how to control the simplest mechanic of your RC helicopter before you go on to bigger and better things.

What do you have mastered hovering you can start practicing basic maneuvers. A great place to start is with a figure 8. I figure it will allow you to control your helicopter, steering it in all directions, and doing so in a controlled manner. Try starting out with larger figure eights and getting progressively smaller so as to challenge yourself appropriately.

Once you have mastered the figure 8, you can start moving on to more complex maneuver such as loops and other impressive stunts.

Final Thoughts

Congratulations on first getting up off the ground. The initial period where you are learning to fly are some of the most exciting in an RC pilots experience. Don’t rush the process, and remember that above all else you’re out there to have fun! Get started by checking out our review page, where you’re sure to buy the best RC helicopter for you.

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