Gas-Powered RC Helicopters and the Power of Nostalgia

There is something old school about gas-powered best RC helicopters. You probably have seen these before. They tend to be bigger, and they tend to be noisier. They also can be a little clunky. Depending on how they are built, they might even have an annoying trail of smoke behind them. They might be jittery and shake so much that you might fear that the RC might disintegrate in mid-air. However, as clunky and as out of place gas-powered RC helicopters may seem, make no mistake about it, they have their fair share of fans. Why would people prefer helicopters that are based on old technology?

If you want to really be honest about it, this is old technology. You are basically spouting hydrocarbons in the air. They are powered by fossil fuels. They make a lot of noise. In many cases, they shake a lot while they are taking off, and they do not seem all that stable. As far as controls go, the controls of these gas-powered RC helicopters do not seem as nimble and flexible as the controls powering electric RC units.

What gives? What is the big deal about these contraptions that seem like blasts from the past? It is as if somebody jumped into a time machine and pulled out some RC stuff from a toy store or hobby store from 40 years ago and appeared in our day and time. Why would people get excited about gas-powered remote-controlled vehicles? Are there not better options out there? Do they not know that modern technology is the way to go?

Well, if these questions go through your mind, you are basically missing the point. You are overlooking a very powerful human drive that these gas-powered RC helicopters satisfy. That human drive, of course, is nostalgia. Nostalgia is all about yearning for a simpler time. Believe me, there is nothing more archaic than using fossil fuels for an internal-combustion engine to power anything. Now that we live in the age of self-powered electric cars, gas-powered manually driven cars seem so long ago. They feel so yesterday and operating one or being in one seems like a step back.

However, that kind of attitude pretty much neglects the power of nostalgia because when you look back at simpler technology, you have to compensate for the drawbacks of the technology. You actually have to be more skilled in steering a remote-controlled vehicle that does not have solid controls. If you have serious limitations to work with as far as range and power source are concerned, you probably are going to have to be more economical. You very likely would have to be more strategic in what you choose to do. You probably do not have the luxury of simply being impulsive. Instead, you think twice about your next move to ensure that it is the most efficient and smoothest move possible.

This is why there are lots of nostalgia fans nowadays when it comes to hobbies, crafts, toys. You name it. People are looking at the past not as the bad, old days. They are not looking at the past as something they need to escape from. Instead, they look at it really as a challenge and that things were better in the past because you need it to be better. You need it to step up and get your skills up so you can perform. You need to keep this in mind because in many cases, convenience and technology have spoiled us. Seriously.

Take the case of singing. Back in the day, you actually had to have a good voice. Back in the day, you practically had to train and have an excellent ear for what you are about to sing and how to modulate your voice. There is a lot of strategy, skill and intuition involved. It is not just like somebody would step up to a microphone and belt out a Whitney Houston crowd pleaser. It simply did not work that way. Sure, it can happen from time to time, but you really cannot rely on blind luck. You truly had to know your stuff back in the day. Now, fast-forward to today and thanks to technologies like Auto-Tune, it seems like everybody is capable of becoming the next Mariah Carey. Do you see how this works?

The same kind of analysis plays out in the comparison between gas-powered RC helicopters and modern RC helicopter technology. Make no mistake about it. We do pay a high price for modern innovations and conveniences.

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