What Are the Common Problems People Have with RC Helicopters?

Flying RC helicopters is a fun hobby for both kids and adults as it offers thrill, excitement, and fun. However, RC helicopters face problems once in a while. Issues arising in RC helicopters can be easily fixed most of the time.

Common Problems and Their Fixes

Short Battery Life

A dead battery is a very common problem that RC helicopter enthusiasts have to face. When your RC helicopter stops flying all of a sudden, make sure you check the battery. It’s also advisable to have a spare battery at all times.

Sometimes, the battery shows that it’s fully charged and it could still be the cause as most batteries tend to lose their ability to store charge. With age, their storing capability diminishes, so it’s important to have alternative batteries available at all times.

Make sure you recharge your batteries after every session so that you’re ready and fully prepared for the next time. You may also have to upgrade your batteries to longer-lasting and more powerful ones from time to time.

Tail Rotor Problems

The tail rotor is a vital part of the RC helicopter, and it’s essential to almost every movement a chopper makes in the air. Problems with tail rotor are also very common. If you ever experience your RC helicopter spinning out of control for no obvious reason, the chances are that the tail rotor is failing or malfunctioning.

When such an issue occurs, make sure you check the motor shaft of the tail rotor and ensure there isn’t any debris stuck inside as it can restrict the movement. If there is no debris visible and you can’t diagnose the problem, replacing your tail rotor may be the only option left.

Swashplate Repairs

As your flight hours start to add up, the swashplates will tend to break or simply wear out. They tend to lose the ball link connectors, which are the little lines or bars connecting the swashplate to the blade grip.

You can either try to glue the little bars and hope they remain in place or replace the swashplate. The bright side is that this can be done very cheaply and you can do it on your own easily.

Malfunctioning Motors

Malfunctioning or dead motors are also fairly common and lead to crashes and total burnouts. All motors wear out eventually, no matter how high-end a motor may be. Replacing the motor in your RC helicopter is easy, and you can do it in no time on your own.

Replacement motors are very inexpensive and economical, especially when compared to replacing the entire helicopter. To make things easier for you, many manufacturers provide replacement parts in the kits, so replacing malfunctioning parts has become a fairly easy task.

RC helicopter manufacturers recognize the common problems faced by their products and tend to provide the fix to ensure a long lifetime of their helicopters. Those that don’t ship with replacement parts usually come with a service or replacement warranty.

The best RC helicopters come with a complete kit of replacement parts that are sure to wear out over time. You can check out the best RC helicopters available on the market.

Helicopter Spinning in Circles

One of the most frequent issues faced is the RC helicopter spinning in circles. Fortunately, it’s also the easiest to diagnose and fix. The fix to this problem depends on whether your helicopter is a single rotor one or coaxial.

If your coaxial helicopter is spinning in circles as soon as you turn it on, the rotors may be loose and there could be a noticeable difference in the speeds of the two rotors. This usually means that there’s a faulty connection and your gear might be broken. You can either glue the gear in place or get a new one.

Another possibility is that one of the connections on the PCB is burnt. If that is the case, you will notice a black mark on the wire and the area around it when you look at the circuit board. The only fix for this is to replace the PCB with a new one.

The third possibility is that both your motors or one of them are dead. If the rotors and rotor shafts are tight, the problem is being caused by a dead motor. The best and easiest fix is to replace the motor.


Overheating is another common problem in RC helicopters. Fixing this problem is possible as you can try to fly the helicopter for shorter time periods which may not be preferable and is usually unnecessary.

You can also try to increase the heat sink size on your PCB, but this fix is not applicable for all RC helicopters. You can also try to cut out ventilation holes into the canopy, or you can remove the canopy entirely.


If you’re a regular RC helicopter pilot, you’ll have experienced some, if not all, of these problems. Most of the time, the solution is fairly easy, so don’t throw away the RC helicopter for a new one yet. Even if you plan on getting a new one, keeping the old one for parts is a good plan.

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