There is no doubt that the RC helicopter hobby is addictive. Once you take a liking to the sound and the feel of a chopper flying through the air, you get hooked and you want to upgrade to meaner and faster machines. If you have had your share of coaxials and are looking to go beyond the mundane movements that 3 channel RC helicopters offer, then what you need is a large sized 4 channel helicopter that allows some room for customization as well.

That’s precisely what you get with the Wltoys V913, a meaty upgrade to the V911 and V912. This is a 4 channel helicopter that towers in size over the other two and allows you to mimic all the directional movements of a real helicopter.

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Wltoys V913 Large Alloy 70cm 2.4G 4CH RC Remote Control Helicopter Review

This large RC helicopter is 21 inches in length without the wings attached. That is a big step up from a micro coaxial. It may not be as large as hobby grade copters. But it has a very noticeable presence once it takes to the air.

The body is strong metal alloy which does not get scratched or dented easily. If you crash it at top speed into the fence, this huge RC helicopter won’t even feel it.

A black and fiery red frame with sporty graphics gives it an attractive presence even when it is resting among your collection. For LED lovers, the Wltoys V913 comes with a white bright LED light that focusses downwards. This is a very authentic representation of a real helicopter.

As we said earlier, you can easily dismantle the V913 in case you wish to make some customizations or replace any parts. The quality of the components is extended to the interiors including the brushless motor, metallic landing skids, tail rotor and blades. Most of the parts are easily available and are compatible with other RC helicopters too.

The Wltoys v913 is powered by a 370 brushed motor and a 7.4 (1500mah) Li-po battery. The battery takes almost 90 minutes to charge and gives you up to 15 minutes of flight time on a non-windy day. On a windy day, this will be reduced to approximately 8 minutes.

Why is this the Best Large RC Helicopter?

For an RC helicopter this size, the V913 is surprisingly nimble and easy to control. But for beginners used to micro coaxials, it may not be the easiest task to maneuver this huge RC helicopter and make all the movements straight away.

It uses 2.4 GHz technology and there is no lag in controls or any interruption with other RC helicopters, which is very useful if you are flying multiple helicopters in the same area or are participating in a competition.

best big rc helicopter review
best huge rc helicopter review

The gyroscope keeps it steady without spinning unnecessarily and the directional movements are also stable. Apart from the normal movements, you can also move the helicopter to the left and right sideways and rotate it a full 360 degrees.

One of the most important differences from smaller and flimsier RC helicopters is the resistance to wind. You can fly this best large RC helicopter even on a reasonably windy day without losing control. Activate the turbo mode and it will come right back on track even if a strong gust blows it off track.

The 150 meters control range makes this an ideal choice for participating in RC competitions and even for enjoying an extended flight outside.

For people who like to make back to back flights, reaching and replacing the battery may not be as simple as on the predecessors of the V913. The motor demands cooling after a flight and may get overheated if you make repeated flights on the trot.

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The Best Features

  • 21 inch all-metal frame
  • Black and fiery red design with sporty graphics
  • Night LED lights
  • Durable components
  • Does not get scratched or dented easily
  • 2.4G technology
  • Up to 6 movements
  • Gyro for stability
  • Four types of remote controls
  • 150 meter range makes it perfect for outdoors
  • 90 minute charging time
  • Easy to dismantle

The Verdict

The V913 is a great choice for anyone looking for big RC helicopters for sale. It is powerful, has dual speed modes, is easy to control and has a 150 meter range. At this price point, it rivals the features offered by high priced hobby-grade models. If you are bored of micro RC helicopters and are looking to experience the movements of a real helicopter, go grab this now.

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